Read what Jean wrote after a dog training session with Rudi in Macher, Lanzarote:


We got Tess from ‘Sara’ in May last year; she was about 12 weeks old, bardino/perdeco mix breed. She was very lively and had lots of energy, we have another dog Poppy who is about 5 yrs old and they got on really well.

Once Tess had settled in, we realized she was going to be a handful! She jumped on up at the counter in the kitchen and stole any items of food she could get, including a whole block of butter, with disastrous results! She chewed shoes, socks, toilet rolls which she took from the bathroom.

When people came to visit I had to keep her on a lead because she d jump up at everyone. I housetrained her, when I first got her, then after a few months she started doing her business in the house again, so I bought a length of chain to keep her in the kitchen to stop her: Making a mess. Chewing everything she could find. Barking at anything that moved outside. Jumping up and taking things off the counter.

It didn’t really help; it just meant that I could keep an eye on her at all times.

Nothing we did could stop her behaving the way she did, she just would not listen to us. I walked her every day, but even that became a big job, she wouldn’t come back to me when I let her off the lead, she if we met anyone else out walking she would run off towards them and I´d have to run behind her trying to get her to listen to me. She’s not in any way aggressive, she wants to be everyone´ s friend, but she´s quite big and not everyone understands her! Even if we’d been out walking for an hour, she wouldn’t get back in the car, it would take 10/15 mins waiting for her to decide to get in. Well, I really was at the end of my tether, I´d even thought of looking for a new home for her, which made me so sad.

Then I looked on the Internet for a dog trainer and found Rudolf! I knew the minute he came to the house that everything was going to be ok. In the first two hours basic-lessons, he was showing me the perfect communication between me and my dogs and that was the key for most of my problems. The great thing is that he comes to see you in your home, so he can see what´s going on, on a daily basis and honestly, the results are instant almost like magic!

Jean G. Macher, Lanzarote Feb. 2013

Ps. & next month I will ring Rudolf again for another session to sort out barking at motorbikes!


My name is Lady I am, a 3-year-old Terrier.

My behavior was quite wild, but then came Rudolf, the DOG WHISPERER into my life!
He showed my mistress Gerti how the dog language works.
That was the key for the perfect communication between my mistress and me!
Rudolf showed us the way, what we have to do, so I can be a well educated and stress free dog.

We understand now how the communication works, what a big change in our life!

Now I don’t have to run after and jump up on joggers and bikers.
I can now fetch my toy and bring it back, which is great fun for me.
The door bell is ringing; I don’t have to bark like crazy anymore.
Gerti is there with confidence to open the door and greet the guests.

So I can sit down relaxed and wait till the guest enter into the apartment and later they say hello to me as well.
If mistress calls me during our walk on the field, I follow and then run as fast as possible over to her and sit down obediently beside her and get my little cuddle.
I can only recommend Rudolf because he has taught me all this with love and discipline and very important for me without treats, because I don’t want to put on weight!
Gerti agrees with me
We are happy about this great development, because now we are able to enjoy our life together even more.
I’m looking forward to my next training session with Rudolf!

Wishing you all the same success, like we have!


Lady and Gerti Lendoiro
Puerto del Carmen


BALOO El Cuchillo 30.09.2016

Baloo is about 5years and a big dog . Beginning of this year we went to a dogtrainer and did some privat- classes with him. Unfortunately due to the use of treats in training he put on 6 kilo and we didn’t progress very far.  Baloo doesn’t like loud noises, phones ringing, sirens, fireworks, loud voices, raised voices, the door buzzer … I could go on!

then we had an issue with a cat in our garden in the early hours one morning and he seemed to regress. He was again displaying signs of stress. He still had issues with other dogs, mostly little ones but big ones too and pulled like an elephant on walks. I couldn’t walk him because he is so strong and almost every walk was a battle not a pleasure. We purchased anti-pull harnesses, retractable lead, long lead, you tell me it’s magic and I ordered it!! most walks unless we could find somewhere to let him run off leash where there were no other dogs, was just stressful. We love Baloo but it was hard to work out what we could do to help us all. He had been so calm in his previous home and got on with cats and dogs.

We were told about Rudolf , but didn’t seriously consider asking for his help until Baloo was nipping and showing signs of dominance which were worrying. Guests were being ankle nipped and although we felt Baloo wasn’t really aggressive it was time to get the professional involved. The morning Rudolf arrived Baloo had nipped my hand and we were so pleased to know help was at hand.
Rudolf arrived, his air of calm energy and dominance was immediately obvious and after two and a quarter hours we felt we finally had tools to help Baloo and us. We wish we had asked for his assistance much earlier.  
After our first session what changed…
We go down the stairs or out the door and Baloo sits until he is allowed to follow. Ok not every time but 99% of the time.
Rudolf did buzzer training which we keep up and sometimes it’s one bark but the crazy dog has gone when someone rings the bell.

Visitors coming into our home are ours rather than his and while it’s not always successful I have to say it’s more the visitor not understanding our new routine rather than the dogs fault.
Walks, now that we are doing it correctly, is more pleasurable although not every walk is 100% it’s so much better.
We will have Rudolf back soon as Baloo is a complex doggy but it’s just life changing the change in behaviour. We are enjoying each other more, it’s hard work for the humans but so worth it.

We can’t put properly into words how helpful this 3 hours basic course has been. We are looking forward to doing further “walking” training and also socialising. We are confident that we are firmly on the road to having a happy, sociable and calm dog. We can’t recommend Rudolf and his training enough.

Ann & Lionel
El Cuchillo